Points of Agreement

In Debt Ceiling, Politics, Social Change on June 6, 2011 at 12:36 pm

My in-laws visited this weekend and we had lively debates about all things political.  My Father-in-law in particular loves to discuss the merits of conservative-ism, and even said he hopes that one day ‘we wake up and decide to become a republican’ (though I’m not sure he should hold his breath on that one)! I was surprised, however, to discover our many points of agreement, one being that we both support closing corporate tax loop-holes. This only confirms what I read today on the Spotlight for Poverty and Opportunity’s blog. Their blog post discussed the results of an effort to discover how six different groups would tackle the budget deficit problem. The findings are fascinating:

As expected, the recently released plans differed substantially. As the Wall Street Journal notes, “The big takeaway is this: The debate over how to reduce the deficit is truly a philosophical one about the size of government.”

Yet the real surprise was the areas of significant agreement. According to the Journal, “All six would curb tax income-tax breaks, loopholes, deductions and credits, a.k.a. ‘tax expenditures’ or ‘spending through the tax code’ because Congress uses them as alternatives to explicit spending.” In addition, all six plans took aim at farm subsidies.

–Excerpt from Spotlight on Poverty and Opportunity Blog

At a time in our country when corporations are making record profits, while ordinary Americans are suffering tremendously, President Obama and Congress would be wise to stop giving corporations a break and start making them pay their fare share.

If Joe and I can agree, then there is certainly the public support for such an effort.


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