Youth Continue to Fight For Their Future | The Nation

In Great Recession, Social Change on July 19, 2011 at 12:11 pm

I really enjoyed this article, Youth Continue to Fight For Their Future, in the latest issue of The Nation. First of all, it is rare for magazines to cover voices of young people, and The Nation consistently makes an effort to include those voices. But I also like how thoughtful the article is; I find that older activists are quick to say “the youth don’t care!” but seldom do they dig beneath the surface to find out why.  There is usually a reason why young people’s voices are not heard, and I find that it often has nothing to do with complacency. The Nation agrees:

When we take these things into consideration—cost of tuition, cost of living, in addition to possible at-home issues like helping their family with cost of living arrangements, health care payments, insurance—suddenly, it becomes clear that we shouldn’t be disappointed that American youth are “lazy” but rather amazed that so many students continue to fight for a better future despite having the deck stacked overwhelmingly against them.

read the full article here.


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