Politics junkie, law student, feminist, Midwesterner. That is me in a nutshell.

My name is Sarah and I blog about Ohio politics, progressive issues, and people working for social change. I decided to start this blog as a result of a pretty rocking experience at my summer internship.  I worked for a very progressive policy research organization and did some research that truly opened my eyes. I knew bits and pieces of the story, but I started to fully connect the dots, so to speak. I started the blog to share those “a ha!” moments with you, dear reader. (And to spare my husband the nightly routine of me showing him charts and figures, going “doesn’t this blow your mind?!”)

The internship may be over, but I’ve kept on blogging.

While I am a Michigan girl at heart, I currently live in Cleveland, Ohio with my husband (the scientist and great listener-of-my-rambles), my beagles (official rabbit-sniffing patrol), and my cats (indifferent to the rest of us). Hope you enjoy reading, and feel free to leave a comment or drop me a line at midwestprogressive “at”


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